A brand new Recreation Freak Pokémon recreation is within the works, in accordance with job commercials

Game Freak is working on a new Pokémon game that signals a possible franchise change.

Long-time Pokémon developer Game Freak announced that it will launch a new Pokémon game in mid-May. The company has included a variety of open positions in a tweet, which implies expanded work on the Pókemon series.

Game Freak is now planning interviews for these positions, according to Nintendo Wire. In addition, the company tweeted that the positions are intended for work on a new Pokémon series.

Digital Trends has asked Nintendo and The Pokémon Company to comment on the developer’s announcement.

Game Freak finishes the content of Pokémon Sword & Shield. The 2019 Isle of Armor DLC of Pokémon listings for 2019 was recently released and features a variety of new environments and additional Pokémon. Another expansion, The Crown of Tundra, will be released later this year.

All of this comes on the coattails of The Pokémon Company's latest Pokémon Presents show. The show included several announcements, including a new Pokémon Snap for Nintendo Switch. It's a sequel to the 1999 original on Nintendo 64, in which players take pictures of Pokémon as they travel across an island on rails. It was a well-received spin-off that amassed a cult following and was popular enough to warrant follow-up of the switch.

While the new Pokémon Snap was the highlight of the presentation, The Pokémon Company also announced two new Pokémon apps. First, the company announced Pokémon Smile, an app that allows children to brush their teeth thoroughly. The app is currently available for download on mobile devices. Second, The Pokémon Company announced Pokémon Cafe Mix. This free game is a puzzle game that will be released on June 23 on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Game Freak's next Pokémon project is unclear. While Game Freak was responsible for the core entries of the Pokémon series, the developer also worked on series spinoffs such as Pokémon Quest for Switch and mobile devices. Game Freak also recently released Little Town Hero, a game that has nothing to do with Pokémon.

The upcoming Pokémon series could go in any direction. Regardless of whether it adheres to the turn-based formula or changes the genre completely, Pokémon fans can take a refreshing direction.

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