Amazon Music is including podcasts and can publish unique reveals

As rumored, Amazon Music will be offering the ability to listen to podcasts in the US, UK, Germany and Japan across all levels of its service starting Wednesday September 16.

It also creates new, original and exclusive content with celebrities and artists such as DJ Khaled, Becky G., Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith.

At the same time, in a move reflecting Spotify's acquisition of the Joe Rogan Experience, Amazon Music has announced that it will be the exclusive home of Disgraceland, a true crime podcast based in the popular music industry, from February 2021.

All content will be available through Amazon Music apps for iOS and Android, as well as all Amazon Echo smart speakers.

Amazon Echo users were able to listen to podcasts prior to today's announcement. However, this required the use of third-party capabilities such as the Apple Podcasts app.

As expected, Amazon Music doesn't simply offer its listeners the option to subscribe to podcasts directly. In order for a podcast to be available on the Amazon Music platform, it must instead be sent to Amazon Music through this page.

According to Amazon Music, it doesn't affect a podcast's existing advertising or embed its own ads. However, the ads must comply with Amazon's content guidelines, which can be very restrictive. Content banned in ads includes coupon websites, fertility clinics and research, free non-Kindle eBooks, and online pharmacies, to name a few.

Since the submission process includes a partnership agreement with various Amazon companies, Amazon has tremendous control over whether or not a podcast remains available to an audience of 55 million or more.

Shows like Crime Junkie, What A Day, Radiolab, Revisionist History, Planet Money, Ear Hustle, Why don't you want to date me? with Nicole Byer and Stuff You Should Know are now available on Amazon Music.

DJ Khaled's exclusive Amazon Music show, The First One, will be "soon" on the platform and will feature interviews with Khaled's favorite artists about the hits that have made them icons and eventually legends, according to the Amazon press release.

"I record my podcast with the best musicians of all time and with some of my best friends who also happen to be the most famous artists in the world," said DJ Khaled. "We're going to talk about fame, fortune, life and success. These stories are here to keep you motivated because everyone starts somewhere, from the ordinary to the extraordinary."

Becky G's exclusive weekly show, titled En la Sala, focuses on the Latinx community and includes interviews on topics such as Latinx pride, empowerment, LGBTQ + rights, relationships, politics, and sports.

Dan Patrick and IMDb are also creating a new all-Amazon music show with exclusive interviews with top Hollywood stars. The podcast, titled "This Scene With Dan Patrick" will dissect memorable scenes from some of the greatest movies and TV shows.

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smiths Westbrook Audio are co-producing with Audible, although no details about the project have been released.

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