Apple workers will return to a unique sort of workplace on June 15

Apple plans to reopen its California headquarters on June 15 after a period of remote work triggered by the corona virus outbreak.

An internal memo from Bloomberg found that the return to Apple Park in Silicon Valley will be gradual, with the majority of workers likely to see their desks again after a few months.

The plan follows similar agreements recently made by other Silicon Valley companies like Facebook as the tech industry makes tentative efforts to return to an appearance of normalcy.

The beginning of the gradual return will be "very limited," Apple's memo says, and those who come back will be "strongly encouraged" to run company-provided Covid-19 tests.

New rules limit the number of people in a single office space so that social distancing can be observed, and workers are asked to wear masks to prevent the spread of infections.

Regular temperature checks are also done to determine if employees have a fever, which could indicate that they have the virus. Apple recently said that a thorough cleaning of its offices will also be part of regular security procedures.

As the official return will begin next week, Bloomberg reported that a small number of Apple employees – including some executives and engineers working on hardware and software – declined last month.

In a memo to employees in early March, Apple CEO Tim Cook described the pandemic as an "unprecedented event" and "challenging moment" and asked employees to work from home "if your job allows it".

Facebook plans to begin its gradual return in July and introduce Apple-like security measures like daily temperature checks. Twitter recently told some employees that if they so desired, they can “work forever” from home.

With Apple expecting to launch a number of products this year, the company will be interested in getting past the disruption of the past few months. However, some pandemic issues may already have caused iPhone 12 launch to be pushed back, according to some reports. There is no official word from Apple on the subject, so the new handset could still reach the company's usual launch date in September.

Digital Trends asked Apple for more information about its reported decision to return employees to Apple Park. We will update this article as soon as we learn about it.

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