Bali is opened to worldwide vacationers

Official Bali, one of the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia, will welcome international tourists from September 11th. They call it the “New Era of Life Order Protocol”.

It is the three-phase plan to restore the island's economy, and the island will be open to tourists with new rules and regulations.

I Wayan Koster, the governor of Bali, after asking for blessing at the Besakih Hindu temple in Karangasem, where thousands of others attended the prayer, signed a new decree stating that it is the "New Era of Life Order Protocol" is. This is accompanied by a strict health protocol and to revitalize the economy, Bali's three-phase reopening plan starts this week.

As of July 9, local administration will allow some businesses like health services, fishing, restaurants, modern markets and finance. In phase -2, tourism will revive from July 31, where Indonesians can visit the island and in the last or third phase international tourists can visit the place.

At the moment, news has spread that international travel is allowed. However, it is not known which countries are approved and whether travelers are required to take quarantine measures and whether mandatory tests still need to be carried out.

Tourism contributes significantly to Bali's GDP. And it suffered tremendously where only 2.07% of occupancy was reported, compared to 62.55% last December.

According to the new guidelines for cleanliness, health and safety, Bali has decided to allow tourism from October. The island has reported 1,850 cases and 20 deaths so far, while Indonesia has reported more than 63,000 cases and 3,171 deaths.

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