Bali may postpone the plan to confide in worldwide vacationers

Are you planning to visit the tropical Bali region soon after COVID ends? You may need to reconsider as the island nation's governor has postponed the decision to open the tropical paradise until at least the end of this year.

Since Bali had planned to open to tourists in September due to the worldwide increase in Covid-19, the governor of Bali decided not to open for the rest of the year. "The situation in Indonesia is not conducive to international tourists visiting the country, including Bali," said Wayan Koster, the governor of Bali. He said it was the way to spread the fight against the virus.

As one of the tourism friendly places, closing borders to international travel will have a huge impact on GDP. However, Bali had opened to domestic tourism to the rest of Indonesia in late July. However, the room occupancy on the island had suffered an enormous loss compared to the previous year.

The local administration says that opening it up to international tourists, even if the infection rates are high, will have a detrimental effect on the location, even if it unburdened the local economy. However, if there are cases of infection in Bali and the rest of Indonesia, it will put off tourists the longest.

Bali has 4,576 cases of coronavirus and 52 people have died from it, and Indonesia has a total of 155,000 cases with 6,759 deaths

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