Cambodia desires vacationers so as to add funeral bills

Cambodia wants tourists to add funeral expenses

Your trip to Cambodia will soon become more expensive in the wake of the pandemic, as the country of Cambodia charges its visitors a deposit of USD 3,000 (Rs 2.2 lakh) to cover everything from COVID-19 tests to funeral arrangements.

In a tweet from the Prime Minister of Cambodia, the Kingdom of Cambodia announced a detailed breakdown of the coverage of money if you sign a contract or show symptoms of COVID-19 in the country. This differs from previous rules in which Cambodia promised to treat travelers who tested positive for free. Now anyone flying to Cambodia should present proof of health insurance coverage that must cover at least $ 50,000 (Rs 38 rakh) and a deposit of Rs 3000 (Rs 2.2 rakhs) from a given immigration bank.

There are 3 scenarios in which one is calculated when you enter Cambodia.

  • When you arrive in the country, you will be taken to a testing facility that will cost you $ 5. The test costs $ 100 and is quarantined for one day at the designated hotel for $ 30 and another $ 30 for meals. In total, you spend $ 165 (INR 12,560) on tests, stay, and food.
  • If someone on your flight has COVID-19, each visitor will be charged $ 30 per day for food and accommodation, $ 15 for laundry, $ 6 for hospital staff, and $ 3 for security personnel, which is $ 1281 (up to 1 lakh INR) for 14 USD corresponds. Day quarantine stay.
  • People who tested positive for COVID-19 upon entry burn a hole in their pockets that contain $ 30 in hospital room fees, $ 150 in hospital services and medication, and at least 4 Covid-19 tests that add up to $ 400 difficult in such cases and you are about to die, the authorities have set aside $ 1,500 for funeral expenses. Overall, a COVID-19 positive patient has to spend more than $ 180 a day and includes a $ 400 test and a $ 1,500 funeral fee if things don't go well.

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