CenturyLink subscribers are reporting widespread web outages

CenturyLink subscribers were hit by a widespread internet outage in the US on Sunday morning.

According to, over 10,000 CenturyLink subscribers have reported problems. Of the reports, 96% were related to internet services, with the most frequently reported locations being Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, Portland, and Miami.

Giorgio Bonfiglio from Amazon Web Services pointed out the failure of the CenturyLink service, which apparently also affects parts of Europe.

What is interesting is that according to evidence (see also traffic crosses the border (so they probably advertise the internet to colleagues / clients) but then not from the subway where it entered . Observed in Milan, London, Paris.

– Giorgio Bonfiglio (@g_bonfiglio) August 30, 2020

CenturyLink was able to fix the problem within a few hours and apologized for the incident on Twitter:

We can confirm that all the services affected by today's IP outage have been restored. We understand how important these services are to our customers and we sincerely apologize for the impact of this outage.

– CenturyLink (@CenturyLink) August 30, 2020

The outage also affected other internet services, including web infrastructure company Cloudflare, which had a number of problems early Sunday morning. The company said on Twitter that the problems "were caused by an incident with a third-party transit provider," and confirmed to The Verge that this was due to the failure of CenturyLink.

Digital Trends reached out to CenturyLink for more information about the service outage.

Update August 30th: Added information about the restored CenturyLink service and the related Cloudflare issue.

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