Cyprus pays on your trip

Cyprus pays for your vacation

In a so-called jackpot, one of the famous beach holiday destinations in Cyprus only pays its tourists a holiday if you contact Covid-19 when exploring the place. It was the step of the country to welcome tourists to the place with beautiful beaches.

As the country prepares for the summer, when there would be a strong influx of tourists, the government announced the new rules to dispel the concerns that tourists will have after the pandemic. The local administration promises to take care of hospital beds and medication to treat the disease, and also plans to cover the cost of the family member who will affect the Covid-19. Once they get better, the tourists just have to pay the cost of their transfer to the airport and the cost of their flights home.

The local government of Cyprus has already set up 100 beds for travelers and several quarantine hotels where family members of a Covid-19 positive patient can stay during their quarantine.

Countries like Thailand, the Philippines, Mauritius, the Maldives and Cyprus are heavily dependent on tourism. With many countries blocked, Cyprus has faced a decline in tourism and GDP has decreased by over 15%. Authorities will keep an eye on infections and mortality while people from other countries are traveling.

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