Dubai begins issuing visas to different nations

Dubai, one of the most popular travel destinations in the Middle East, has now started issuing tourist visas for people from more countries, and yes, it includes India. However, since Dubai has started issuing the visa, the country from which the traveler is leaving will have to wait for flight service to begin.

Due to the pandemic, Dubai stopped issuing a tourist visa in early March, and now that the city is open to hotels and tourist destinations with lots of new rules in places such as security stamps where tourists can dine without fear of being unsanitary.

As of Wednesday, the Directorate General for Residence and Foreigners' Affairs (DDRFA) in Dubai started issuing visas for all nationalities except a few. "Applications are now being received, but it will be some time before approval is granted," said an employee. "Applicants for tourist visas have to apply to the tourist agencies." A travel agent said.

The issuance of the visa will be delayed as the offices are closed on Friday for oath and reopened on Monday.

The travel agency confirmed that the tourist visa will be approved by the Directorate-General for Residence and Foreign Affairs, including applying for an Indian visa.

All passengers flying to Dubai should undergo the PCR test upon arrival. However, people from selected countries should take the test twice, and people waiting for the result should isolate themselves. Regardless of the outcome, all tourists should undergo a 14-day quarantine.

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