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The taste for megaconstructions in China is well known. Not only because it enables them to teach the power of national engineering, but also because they create structures that are worth transforming into mass tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower or the San Francisco Bridge.

The last mega-building inaugurated in the Asian country is a high bridge 218 meters above a valley and 488 meters long in the province of Hebei. The presentation ceremony built by the Bailu Group company was attended by almost 3,000 tourists who personally saw what it feels like to walk on a transparent bridge between two cliffs in Hongyagu National Park.

With these measures, the Hongyagu is the longest bridge in the world that can withstand earthquakes of 6 degrees and hurricanes of magnitude 12 according to the Beaufort scale. What other bridges or mega-constructions does China have that can break records? We discover them below.

Zhangjiajie bridge

Until the opening of the Hongyagu Bridge, the longest bridge in the world was in Zhangjiajie National Park, a structure 430 meters long and 300 meters high. It is located in the Zhangjiajie Natural Park in Hunan Province, which has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 1992 and is one of the most visited in China.

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge

The Qingdao Bridge, the longest over water in the world, was built over Jiaozhou Bay. Another Chinese bridge was added for the construction, which is located in the Hangzhou Bay and has so far been the longest in the world at 36 kilometers in length over the waters of the sea.

This mega construction has a length of 42.5 kilometers and six lanes through which the traffic flows in both directions. It has more than 5,200 pylons and millions of tons of steel and concrete were needed to manufacture it. A small artificial island is currently being built next to the Qingdao Bridge, which will serve as a resting place for travelers to fill up their cars, have a snack or shop.

Guangzhou Metro

The longest public transport tunnel in the world is located in Guangzhou, another large city in the south of the country. With this mega construction, you can travel 60 kilometers on the subway without surfacing.

Beipanjiang Bridge or Duge Bridge

The Beipanjiang Bridge is not suitable for those who are afraid of heights. Located 565 meters above the Nashua River Gorge in the south of the country, it connects the Yunnan and Guizhou provinces in two hours when there were cities five hours' drive away.

The photos that can be taken from around Beipanjiang Bridge are spectacular. The fog between the mountains stretches across the landscape as if it wanted to devour the bridge that was born between the rocks.

Liupanshui or Beipan River Shuibai Railway Bridge

This bridge is called the highest railway bridge in the world. It opened in 2001 and is located in Liupanshui. In 2009, it lost its highest arch bridge title in the world, but still retains the above.

The method used for their construction, which has been described as very efficient, deserves special mention. The reason for this is that instead of two temporary towers in each stirrup to build the arch, two halves were made on formwork, each on one side of the gorge. The first stack of each end helped as a tie.

As soon as the halves of the arches were finished, the piles were turned through 180 ° until they faced the arches. Then the halves were put together and the board and the rest of the stacks were built.

Aizhai bridge

It is a marvel of civil engineering in Jishou City that hangs 355 meters above the ground above Hunan Dehang Canyon. With a length of 1,176 meters, it connects the ends of two tunnels that make up the Jishou-Chadong autoroute built over a beautiful valley.

The Karakoram, the highest highway

To end the post from above, we'll talk about Karakoram, a 5,000-meter-high highway and mega-construction that connects western China and northern Pakistan through one of the continent's most dangerous and steepest areas, because it crosses three large mountain ranges like the Karakoram Mountains, the Pamir Mountains and the Himalayas.

The route on which the Karakoram Highway runs has been part of the Silk Road in the past and present and is a symbol of cooperation and friendship between the two countries.

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