four artistic methods to remain hydrated all day lengthy

The benefits of getting enough water are countless; They range from more luxurious hair to a more alert brain (which makes sense when you consider that the brain is mostly made up of H2O). An average healthy man living in a temperate climate needs about 13 cups of water a day, and women need about nine.

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Even if you follow the "8 × 8" rule (eight glasses of water at 8:00 p.m.), you are better off than a large majority of the population.

Photo: Johnie Gall

There are, of course, other factors. Athletes who sweat a lot, people who live in drier climates, diseases and pregnancies increase their required water quota. Some of the water that you need in your system can come from fruits, vegetables, and other beverages.

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If you're struggling to get enough water every day and feel slow, tired, or even sick, here are some ideas on how to commit to a healthy new habit.

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