Georgia welcomes long-term work guests

Since social distancing, the use of masks and signs has top priority and is also one of the most important aspects of travel, we have been used to it for months. To date, more than 5 months have passed and the use of masks and disinfectants has become a new norm for everyone on this planet.

However, as countries relax restrictions and welcome tourists to visit their beautiful places, we shouldn't forget the basic health and safety measures. We have published several articles about changes in the rules and regulations that a tourist or visitor must follow. One of the newest countries where tourists are welcome is Georgia.

With its picturesque locations, mountains and fantastic weather, Georgia will welcome tourists from July 31st. And with the greeting of the tourists, they have introduced a new remote work visa for their long-term visitors.

The country of Georgia will introduce its visitors to a distance work visa, which allows visitors to travel, stay and work remotely in this amazing location. The remote work visa is valid for up to one year and is an initiative to promote tourism in the country.

Georgian Minister of Economy Natia Turnava said: “Georgia has the image of an epidemiologically safe country in the world and we would like to take this opportunity. We are talking about opening the border to protect the health of our citizens, but also bringing citizens of all countries to Georgia who can work remotely. "

Interested applicants should fill out a form and take precautions to carry travel insurance, employment certification and personnel information. Upon arrival, each tourist will be quarantined for 14 days at their own expense. Normal tourists can start traveling from September. Further updates to new rules are still pending.

So if you want to explore the amazing and picturesque Balkan country, visit Georgia and explore it while working here.

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