Go-Extra, a novel marketing campaign from GoAir

While the country's coronavirus is still fluctuating and travel affected, travel agencies and businesses have taken new measures that will welcome all tourists once the blockage is relaxed. Air traffic is severely affected by the coronavirus blocking measures that many airlines have suspended for several aircraft fleets for months. One of the airlines, Go-Air, where I recently traveled to many destinations, has launched a new campaign that is best suited to pursue social distance when traveling: Go-More.

Go-More is the concept of Go-Air, where passengers can block the seat nearby, where they can follow social distancing even during the flight.

In addition to maintaining social distance in flight, Go-Air has taken additional safety precautions to ensure the safety of the crew and passengers. With the We-Care concept from Go-Air, the company follows government security guidelines. At the airport, they enable appropriate social distance measures, regular disinfection of contact points such as check-in counters, kiosks, gate counters, baggage drop counters, etc. Keep social distance when checking in, boarding and on buses, etc.

The following safety measures were taken during the flight:

  1. a) protective equipment
    All Go-Air employees and crew members will use PPE equipment, use disinfectants and wear gloves for safety reasons.

  2. b) Aircraft disinfection
    Every aircraft is cleaned with EPA approved hospital disinfectants before each flight. Passenger seats, seat belt buckles, armrests, overhead nozzles, tray tables, kitchens and toilets are thoroughly disinfected due to the frequency of contact.
  3. c) HEPA filter
    Now that the coronavirus is said to be in the air, the air circulation openings need to be extra careful. Therefore, Go-Air uses HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters that are set in air ducts to help remove air filters by 99.99% of the harmful particles in the air.
  4. d) Advanced air filtration
    The cabin air flows vertically from the ceiling to the floor, where it is absorbed for filtration. This would help minimize the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria.

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