Goa should be open to native vacationers from July 2, 2020

Goa in India, probably one of the most famous places in India that is known worldwide, is expected to open its doors to tourists from July 2nd.

The place has been closed to tourists since the nation was closed, and now it will open to local tourists starting July 2nd. Goa tourism minister Manohar Ajgaonkar announced Wednesday that the coastal state would open on July 2nd, and over 250 hotels have been given permission to resume operation and have been subjected to stringent hygiene controls by the government.

The decision to resume tourism activities was made during a state cabinet meeting, the minister said.

With over 250 government-appointed standard-of-service (SOP) hotels, these hotels are mentioned on the website. Tourists must book their stay in hotels that have received approval from the tourism department in advance, the minister said.Mr. Ajgaonkar also said, “Hotels and host families that have not registered with the department to reopen the business are not allowed to entertain guests or offer online bookings.”Tourists planning to visit Goa must carry the COVID-19 test result, which should be negative. They can also have it tested at the border where they can be quarantined until the test results arrive.

If it turns out that the patient is positive, he can either be treated in Goa or return to his or her current state.

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