Freeway journeys from Bangalore that could be visited when the blockage is relaxed

Road trips from Bangalore that can be visited when the blockage is relaxed

Once the block is loosened, road trips are one way to travel from one place to another. People will not trust traveling with public tourists as the fear of coronavirus still captures a travel plan. Therefore, you can visit these places as a day trip to relax after days at home.

  1. SkandagiriSkandagiri, a famous hill about 2 hours drive from Bangalore, near Chikballapur, is famous for its hike. Many people climb this as a night hike, where you can watch a beautiful sunrise in the morning. Many hikers begin their journey to climb the summit from 2 a.m. and when they reach it is a sunrise moment where they witness and begin their descent. Make sure you visit this popular place and calm down after the block ends.
  2. MekedatuMekedatu is about 90 km from Bangalore and is a place where the Cauvery River jumps to a narrow gorge. To get here, you must first visit Sangama, a place where the Arkavati and Cauvery rivers meet from here. You have to walk because the water level is low here and then you can reach Mekedatu. Mekedatu was named because this place is narrow and even a goat can jump.
  3. AvalabettaAvalabetta is 90 km from Bangalore and is a hilly retreat that a person can visit as it is about a 2 hour drive away. It is known for its beautiful surroundings, calm and serenity. Here you can enjoy the relaxed destination where you feel refreshed as you climb the hills.
  4. LepakshiLepakshi is a historical place and temple place. It is approximately 150 km away and is around a 4-hour drive from Bangalore. The place has a small temple dedicated to Papanasheshwara. Discover the temples and architecture here and immerse yourself in the dedication of various deities and take several pictures that you can take while exploring the city of Lepakshi.
  5. Sakleshpur
    If you enjoy nature and want to be in the middle of nature, then Sakleshpur. Sakleshpur is located in the Hassan district and is known for lush green forests, coffee plantations, mountains and the weather, which makes Sakleshpur an ideal destination for a road trip. It is approximately 250 km from Bangalore and it takes approximately 5 hours to reach this amazing place.

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