Highway journeys from Pune

Pune, a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, has recently gained popularity. Formerly a city known for its culture and food, it is now a technology giant, a music capital and a city with a relaxed attitude. However, it is relaxed that people are still taking road trips from the city. Here are some of the places where you can take a road trip to these places near Pune.

MulshiMulshi is about 50 km from Pune and has recently become popular for its breathtaking views of the hills and surroundings. The Mulshi Valley is calm and famous for its Mulshi Dam. It offers you a quiet and picturesque environment and makes your day bright with what nature has to offer.

It's a short day trip route that is scenic, and you can also have a good time visiting this place, as the street here is amazing for you to take a break with its scenic surroundings and many cafes sprawling across the street insert and explore them.

KamshetKamshet is about 50 km from Pune and is suitable for adventure lovers. Kamshet is a beautiful mountain station in the Western Ghats and famous for paragliding. There are numerous flight schools here that teach you everything about paragliding. Other than that, there are many other adventure sports that Kamshet offers. However, if you don't want to try one, just let yourself fall under the lap of nature and enjoy the surroundings.

LavasaLavasa is about 60 km from Pune and is a planned mountain station, whose main source of income is tourism. Lavasa is located in the western ghats and has a temperate and pleasant climate all year round. With its amazing natural beauty, this place gives an insight as a heavenly travel destination.

Lavasa is known as a quiet travel destination and does not disappoint adventure lovers as it offers a number of options including water sports, trekking, mountain biking, climbing etc. Come here and spend a day or two at this amazing place which can be a short place Day trip from Pune.

KhandalaIf you heard a popular Bollywood number, "Aye, Kya Bolti Tu", you may have heard the reference of this place called Khandala. Khandala is often considered a partner city of Lonavala and is one of the most popular mountain stations after Lonavala. Khandala is very close to Lonavala and is an option for a day trip from Mumbai and Pune.
Explore the historic Buddhist caves, Bedse Caves, and some of the amazing viewpoints and cliff points that can be seen while visiting Khandala.

Kolad is the city that is not mentioned in the nearby Pune train station and is not heard by many, which makes it a perfect place to relax and unwind. Kolad, a town in the Raigad district, is known to a handful of backpackers as it offers some scenic views and surroundings. Kolad is referred to as Rishikesh by Maharashtra because it offers similar views and landscapes. Kolad is one of the most popular places for white water rafting and for people who love adventure sports.

Visit this undeveloped beauty with your friends and enjoy the day exploring the beautiful city that you can immerse yourself in

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