Hispanic Heritage Month on Plex: Extra Channels on Spanish Debut

To increase the Latino presence on its platform, Plex announced additional Spanish-language channels in its programming schedule, another nod to Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Today we're excited to announce to our US audience that we're adding a new slice of channels with a variety of Spanish-language content: telenovelas, game shows, sitcoms, movies, award-winning series and more. With our Spanish speaking channels, our total number of free channels exceeds 100! You can find free live TV channels in the free Plex application for Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, iPhones, iPads, Android devices and on the web desktop, ”the streaming company announced.

What's new at Plex?

  • Sony Comedies: Enjoy a new Latin twist in some old classics. Married with children (Casados ​​con hijos), The Nanny (La niñera) and I Dream of Jeannie (Mi bella genio).
  • In Sony you can also enjoy the best soap operas like Doña Bárbara, La Señorita Pólvora, or for a transnational experience between Medellín and New York, the adventure of love and loss in Paraíso Travel.
  • Latido Music Debuts: With artists like Bad Bunny, Sofia Reyes, Ivy Queen and Macaco in the US and Latin America, this channel brings you the global beat, fashion and style you need.

  • And if you are a movie lover, you can now watch free premium programming for all genres (award-winning films, series and documentaries) from romantic comedies dubbed with love into Spanish to drama by Oscar-winning actors like Ma. ma with Penelope Cruz and Chico y Rita. You'll also find shows like Guapas and Argentina: Tierra de amor y venganza – Runtime Español and Canela TV offer endless hours of entertainment.

Also, Plex told us that you can now create your own channel list.

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