If you don’t put on a masks in the course of the flight, you may land underneath the no-fly listing

Are you not following the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) during the flight? Reconsider your decision as this step may result in adding your name to the no-fly list.

According to the latest development, the Directorate-General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) has asked airlines to add the passenger name to the no-fly list of those found to be in breach of Standard Operating Procedures and not wearing a mask while in flight. You are not allowed to fly if you do not follow the Covid-19 protocols.

As the lockdown has eased and airlines are allowed to serve in-flight meals on domestic flights, hot meals and alcohol on international flights, airlines must follow guidelines set by the government.

And the new policy for air passengers is that they shouldn't remove face masks on purpose, as this poses a risk to other passengers. This results in the passenger's name being added to the no-fly list. This can be done either by the cabin crew or the flight commander. Passengers can remove the face mask for legitimate reasons and when it is absolutely necessary to remove it.

The no-fly list in India is subject to the civil aviation requirement of the DGCA which, under their new guidelines, has mentioned that they can remove the passenger and add them to the no-fly list. And according to the SOP, the airline should offer its passengers face protection, mask and disinfectant before boarding the flight.

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