In keeping with Take-Two, worth will increase for subsequent technology video games are usually not common

Take-Two Interactive Software has not shied away from selling next-generation video games for $ 70. However, the company's general manager warned that not every Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 title qualifies for the premium price.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said on Monday that the company would consider a $ 10 price increase for next-generation console games "title by title". Zelnick didn't say what could ultimately determine which games cost $ 70, but in a previous interview with on Monday, he gave some pointers to Take-Two’s calculation.

"Pricing must reflect the quality of the experience," said Zelnick. He added that despite rising development costs, the industry "held for a very long time" a game price of $ 60.

"It takes a lot more to make these titles," said Zelnick of the latest games.

There is an ongoing debate in the gaming industry about how much next generation games could and should cost. Take-Two has previously announced that the upcoming NBA 2K21 will cost $ 70 compared to the standard $ 60 price that its games are currently selling. However, Ubisoft has announced that it is not currently increasing next-generation prices. Microsoft has not announced any pricing, but has announced it will make all Xbox Game Studios titles, including Halo Infinite, available through the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has acknowledged that next-generation development costs will go up, and developers may rate their games higher at first, but told the Washington Post last month that the market could ultimately determine final prices.

"As an industry, we can value whatever we want, and the customer will decide what the right price is for them," said Spencer. "I am not negative towards people who set a new price for games because I know that everyone will make their own decisions based on their own business needs." But players have more choices today than ever before. Ultimately, I know that the customer has control over the price they pay, and I trust this system. "

Sony's PlayStation boss Shawn Layden supported a possible price hike a little more in an interview with last month.

"It's been $ 59.99 since I started this business, but the cost of games has increased ten times," Layden said of the game prices. "If you don't have price elasticity but there is enormous volatility on the cost line, the model becomes more difficult."

There is currently a lot of speculation as the prices for the vast majority of upcoming games are not yet known. However, the publishers will not be silent for long – both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 are expected to launch this Christmas.

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