Italy, France and Spain welcome vacationers amid the surge in coronavirus instances.

The European countries Italy, Spain and France will welcome tourists, although coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly as tourists and party goers continue to visit the places.

Italy, along with the rest of France and Spain, recently lifted its lockdown measures that have hit the country's economy hard. Health Minister Roberto Speranza had ruled out the country's lockdown on Wednesday before.

"I now rule out the hypothesis of a lockdown for our country," said the minister. "We have few cases and the situation is under control, with very little and minimal pressure on hospitals." Said Roberto Speranza.

Italy was the original epicenter in the European region. Around 1,367 coronavirus cases were registered on Wednesday. France reported 5,429 cases and Spain around 3,594 cases, which is a recent surge in coronavirus cases.

The Spanish government has announced that 2,000 of its soldiers will be available at the request of regional authorities to help them trace contacts. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said, however, that another lock-out was not on the table. Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron ruled out the lockdown, but the government will seek local prison sentences to keep coronavirus at bay.

There has been a steady spike in coronavirus cases in all three countries as they all eased the lockdown, where many people eased their social distance and gathered over the summer. However, the number of deaths recorded has been small, as seen in the spring when Italy faced coronavirus cases during its peak.

To stop the spread of the contagious virus, Italy has increasingly carried out tests on visitors from high-risk countries in its ports and airports. The country has tightened the rules for wearing masks and nightclubs have already closed.

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