Popularly called God's Own Country, Kerala is one of the states in South India popular with tourists around the world. When you are out and about in Kerala and have a wide variety of locations, scenic backwaters and nature, you are in the lap of nature. It has developed a way of life that is different from any other part of the country you have visited. You can observe various nature and human-animal interactions that you cannot experience anywhere else. It is amazing to notice how a tiny area of ​​land has one of the most diverse areas in the country. Be it in the mountains, on the beach or in the backwaters, Kerala has adapted to the diverse terrain that nature possesses.

Kerala was one of the favorite spice tourist destinations before independence. With its trading history, the country was a melting pot of culture, where ideologies, beliefs, culture and tradition coexist in the same place. You get to know a lot of people from different cultural backgrounds who work together as if there was no difference. When you visit an important place in Kerala, you will meet a person from the other community. Take you around the region to explore unhindered.

In its latest global campaign "Human by Nature", Kerala shows the coexistence of humans in the state of Kerala. The campaign draws real stories of the country and the campaign focuses on the ways of life. The campaign is an ode to the people of Kerala who lead epic lives every day. And as her ode, the campaign grew out of a constant conversation with travelers to Kerala who said great things about their trip to Kerala and how they were mesmerized by the breathtaking scenery the state has to offer. "

The Human By Nature campaign has a very powerful message in the video that encompasses all regions of the state and has global reach and appeal.

A destination for domestic and international travelers, Kerala has been aptly referred to as "God's Own Country".

Not only is Kerala united culturally, it is also the state that has topped the list of top tourist destinations in India and surpassed many states. With its picturesque backwaters, houseboats and, of course, culinary products, Kerala has had a lasting impact on the tourists who come here, and so Kerala is on everyone's lips. Here lives one of the oldest martial arts from Kalaripayattu and one of the places where Ayurveda is very popular. The people here come from distant places to learn and receive holistic Ayurvedic treatment.

I have been to Kerala as many times as I have been in Sabarimala for 17 years for many reasons, be it leisure, spa, luxury or pilgrimage, but every time I visit Kerala the experience is so unique and special that I have the warmest one Hospitality that Kerala offers to everyone even though I can't speak Malayalam but I can understand thanks to all the love that the people of Kerala give and they leave their comfort zone to help a person when they are in need, which is what I do also am liked most.

Kerala is not just a state, but a place fit for gods and aptly known as God's own land. The locals treat guests like god and I met some amazing and kind people during my trip in Kerala. I remember one such case when I was traveling from Pathanamthitta to Ernakulam at night and waiting for the bus at the Pathanamthitta bus stand, unfortunately I couldn't find one until midnight. When I spoke to the responsible bus stand about my situation and my train was planned in Ernakulam in the early morning. The responsible bus location knew my situation. He asked a friend of his who was driving to Ernakulam at the same time to drop me off and I was initially concerned about traveling at night with a stranger, but knowing the hospitality of Kerala I took my risk and was glad it was one of the best decisions i made was to travel and get to Ernakulam on time to catch my train. I was surprised to see that humanity still exists and the kind gesture of the Kerala locals has touched my heart forever and is truly known as human by nature.

As one of the most educated states in the country, there is no need to worry about exploring Kerala and thinking about getting lost as people will help out when you are in need.

Special mention for the Kerala dining experience and one of the widespread veg and non-veg offerings.

In short, Kerala is one of my tourist spots where I want to explore more regions after the coronavirus pandemic ends. We are open to travel as before.

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