Kevin Chappell: Again within the recreation and higher than ever

AKevin Chappell, one of the PGA's top golfers, made an epic comeback of the sport he loved after a break of almost a year. While his path to recovery was anything but easy, Kevin attributes his amazing family, a committed rehab routine, and a newfound appreciation for CBD that has helped him be stronger than ever.

MJ: Golf has been your life and career for so many years. What was it like to have a whole year off to recover from your surgery?

KC: I've had problems over and over for about 5 years, but in summer 2018 things really started to go in the wrong direction. At the time, my quality of life meant more to me than my golf career.

MJ: What kind of rehab did you do? Did you have a specific routine that worked best for you?

KC: My team and I took a holistic approach and monitored everything I did. One of my biggest goals was to get rid of the inflammation in my body. I stayed away from alcohol and red meat and added CBD to my daily routine.

Kevin Chappell

MJ: You are a great family man with a wife, two children and one on the way – congratulations! What role did your family play in your recovery?

KC: You were a big part of my recovery. They had to sacrifice as much as I did during the recovery process. They gave me a great reminder of what to do if you thought I was going wrong. It was not uncommon for my daughter Collins to tell me to lie down if I was on my feet too much, or for Elizabeth to remind me that they could only do one of these rehabs to make sure I was doing it right made.

MJ: You mention that you love hemp hydrate. When / how did you discover hemp hydrate?

KC: It was towards the end of my rehab process when I was introduced Hemp hydrate from a friend. I tried to hydrate as much as possible and used CBD. Getting both in one serving was great for me and them Hemp hydrate relief current is the best I've ever used.

Hemp hydrate

MJ: How do you use the products and how have they helped your recovery and your game?

KC: My daily recovery is something that I watch closely. I immediately noticed that the more I used the hemp hydrate products, my sleep heart rate decreased and my heart rate increased.

Hemp hydrate

MJ: How emotional was it to play golf for the first time since your operation?

KC: It was a very emotional and spiritual experience when I was allowed to play for the first time after the surgery. I recorded a video immediately after playing to remember what a great experience it was.

MJ: How is it going for you professionally and personally?

KC: Professionally, I'm looking forward to participating in the competition again as soon as the COVID 19 virus is under control. In the meantime I have been working on my game, but have also enjoyed the last few months as a family of four.

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