Macrotraveller Health Journey Half 2

In my last blog I gave an overview of how I started the fitness trip. In this blog I will explain something about the food that I started to change and that is different from what I longed for before traveling.

I always ate before my fitness trip, and Maggie, pizza, and burgers were my staples. Do you think I ate Maggie at two in the morning? Yes, my unusual sleep cycle, fried foods, fat-based foods and hard-to-digest foods were my companions.

As a result, I lost my fitness and also my mental stability and gained weight, which increased my waist. I remember getting an XXXL size dress that I was comfortable with at the time. Although the trendy stores didn't have oversized clothes that suited me, I sometimes tailored my own clothes. This was my routine and one day I taught why, how and when questions came to my mind.

Why do I eat unhealthy foods when I know they are not healthy? How can I stop living a normal life and when can I start? Making these decisions was the first step for me. But I didn't start as soon as I planned because I had some work to do, and when my calendar was free, I plunged into the plan I had worked out a few days earlier and immediately took over the heads-up.

First, I left all whites. As a vegetarian, it was easy for me because I had to deal mainly with plant-based diets and giving up white was not a problem either, as it was mainly based on milk and mainly on sugar. Yes, eating fast food and suddenly skipping it challenged my body. However, I believed that the change would be helpful for my health. Yes, I tolerated what my mind said and what my heart asked of me.

So for the first month I followed a steady diet that I followed like a student always on the path to success, and this was my diet that I started since January 2020.

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And in March, when the nation entered the ban, I taught that this would be helpful for people who will cook at home. That's why I created some videos on my YouTube channel that you can follow and subscribe to.

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Following this strict diet helped me lose 40 kg in 5 months. Although I have followed the diet based on my body capacity, I recommend that you follow your body, treat your body like a temple and not lose hope.

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