Macrotraveller Health Journey Half three

Macrotraveller Fitness Journey As mentioned in the previous two blogs, I gave an overview and how you can overcome with a good sense and self-confidence what you have to wait for a long time.

Yes, as mentioned in previous blogs, I mentioned how I started my fitness journey, how I was eating, and how I was following my diet. I would also like to add which exercises I did.

As you know, the first thing that comes to mind when you think about losing weight and getting fit is going to the gym and exercising every day. Get a personal trainer, lift weights, kettlebells, or run on a treadmill. I didn't want to comment on people who go to gyms, but I wanted to skip gyms and exercise regularly, which of course was walking, which can be done easily by everyone.

Yes, first I went for a walk every day and tracked my heart rate and a series of steps. Thanks to FitBit, this was my companion for every step I took. So I started running 2 km a day, next increased the distance to 5 km and increased for at least 15 km a day, which I followed regularly. After a few days of walking 15 km a day, I made it a habit to start jogging / running.

Now that I have switched from running to running, I can see that mobility and oxygen intake increased within me. It also helped me quickly burn some extra calories that I hadn't experienced during my 15 km walk. I gradually drove 15 km and so I could quickly see changes in my body. Yes, my run wasn't fast, but I followed a slow run, but I followed the same pace for a week or two, which helped me to keep the pace constant without losing time to catch my breath.

Slowly I got calls from brands that focused on my fitness, which you can notice if you followed me. I attended the Sri Lankan Airline event to keep fit and ran, I attended (Events for the run) and I continued to show my fitness for the brands, which naturally helped me to gain trust.

Hosted and also became part of a lot of Instagram Live series where I explained the fitness series to my subscribers, and yes, it was not just about training for a month, but also about showing my determination and determination for 5 months later I was able to stand where I am now.

Although I think the trip was a little hard for my body and I felt like giving up, I never gave up. And now that I see the results of my hard day's schedule, I'm glad I managed to lose 40 pounds in 5 months, which is an astonishing 8 pounds in a month.

I thank all of the people who supported this trip and also the people who encouraged me to follow this weight loss trip, although I found some hiccups.

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