MacroTraveller Health Journey, How I misplaced 42 kg from 126.6 kg to 84.6 kg Half 1

Yes, you read it correctly. This is the blog dedicated to my fitness trip. Many, including myself, have realized how important fitness is in your own life.

Before you start, here is a brief overview of how things have turned out badly and lately.

After traveling at least 12 years and blogging for more than 15 years, I had an unusual lifestyle. I had a very unhealthy lifestyle, from nightly binge eating to a lot of food reviews.

It became difficult for me to deal with, and it directly affected my body, both physically and mentally. It was very hectic. I remember that after these many years I looked at my weight and it turned out to be over 120 kilograms and it was morbidly obese in the category.

Yes, at 126.6 kg it was high time for me to concentrate on my body and my fitness.

Since January 26, 2020, even climbing stairs or walking at some distance felt heavy to my body and also felt breathless. This alarmed my brain since I am not a smoker or addicted to alcohol, but I felt the same feelings that they experienced, also because of the weight.

So I strictly decided to turn into fitness and focus on losing weight. Yes, it's not magic that you can lose weight in months. So I searched online for hours and found a diet that would help me lose weight but didn't interfere with my daily metabolic activity.

Though gyms and other therapies like bariatric surgery promote weight loss, I somehow felt like I was sticking to my diet and nominal exercise a little bit daily, which helped me lose weight where I am now.

So I started my journey to lose weight by starting on a strict diet that contained no sugar, no whites, and no oil. So I carefully looked at dishes that make your mouth water, but it's very healthy with no oil or sugar in it.

The second and most important thing I focused on is a daily walk. Since I was in a morbidly obese category, I tried to start my walk for a short distance like 2 km in a day that was difficult at the time. Yes, I never left my hope or schedule because no day was my day of cheating.

Slowly and steadily, I noticed slight changes in which I could walk more, and I felt that my breathing capacity was also increasing than before. And an easy blow that I felt was that the nation had been banned due to the coronavirus situation. This caused me to change my schedule, but I stuck to what I had planned, but the situation is different now.

I started running in my apartment every day while the diet was constant. The only change was to go to my apartment every day. Thanks to FitBit, I kept an eye on my heart rate, the number of steps and the number of kilometers.

From 2 km it became 5 km, from 5 it became 7 km and from 7 to 15 and the number of steps, km grew exponentially, but the food remained the same. This helped me to lose an incredible 40 kilograms in 5 months.

With a new look, I can do the things I wasn't able to do when I weighed an incredible 126 kg in early January. When I slowly saw my transformation journey, I got a lot of DMs and calls where they wanted to know my fitness plan.

So in the next series of blogs I will mention how you can go through changes even though you work from home, but you need strong determination and determination, as long as you have a strong mind you can achieve what you have dreamed of.

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