Maldives open to vacationers from July

Maldives open to tourists from July

In July, one of the most popular travel destinations for Indian luxury travelers will once again welcome tourists to its pristine location. It is said that the island state of Maldives will be open to international tourists from July, but there are a number of rules and regulations that should be followed. The official Ministry of Tourism said: "We plan to reopen our borders to visitors in July 2020." Ali Waheed, Minister of Tourism in the Maldives, also said the country plans to open from July 1, 2020. As of July 1st, they will open up welcoming tourists from India, China, South Korea, Sri Lanka and the Middle East. They have given Emirates, Qatar and many other commercial aircraft approval. People wishing to travel via private charter flights and yachts are allowed to enter the Maldives. Recent updates include the country not charging additional fees that the board previously proposed as an additional fee for tourist visas and landing fees. However, according to the latest guidelines, visitors are not charged any additional fees. With tourism making the main contribution to the Maldives' GDP, the island nation can no longer be blocked for months as it has been closed since early March due to widespread cases of Covid-19. It is said that the country's economic growth could drop 26% if tourism does not start. Therefore, the tourism associations are developing guidelines for Do & # 39; s and Don & # 39; s so that visitors can enter the pristine islands of the Maldives. Tourism is open to certain countries, but residents of the UK, US, Italy, Spain and other 12 countries are now blocked. We are waiting for official information on when the country is open to the citizens of these nations.

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