Microsoft closes all bodily Microsoft outlets

The technology giant Microsoft has announced that it will close all stationary Microsoft stores and will focus on selling its products online in the future.

In a LinkedIn post, the company said it “is making a strategic change in our retail stores, including the closure of Microsoft Store physical locations.” It pointed to the ongoing global pandemic and also explained that “selling hardware and software online has shifted further,” particularly with regard to digital products such as Microsoft 365 and games from the Xbox Store.

It is not clear whether some Microsoft Store employees will be unemployed after this step. The company’s statement said, “Our retail team members will continue to serve customers who work from Microsoft company facilities or remotely, and we will continue to develop our diverse team to support the overall corporate mission and goals.” However, it is not specified whether this applies to all current employees.

We have contacted Microsoft to confirm whether some Microsoft Store employees will be fired or whether all current employees will be assigned other positions within the company. We will update this story with more information as soon as we hear something.

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