Neato D10 robotic vacuum cleaner to deal with the allergy season in autumn with its actual HEPA filter

With IFA 2020 already in full swing, many companies are announcing new and inventive products. Neato Robotics announced the launch of a new line of premium models: the Neato D10, D9 and D8, a line of robotic vacuum cleaners designed to give you the best cleaning performance possible. The new models are D-shaped so they can go corner to corner and edge to edge for a more thorough cleaning. These new models also use a wide brush and large dust bin, which reduces the frequency of emptying

The set up process for these robotic vacuums has also changed. According to Neato, the new MyNeato app has the "shortest set-up process in the industry" so you can unpack, install and start cleaning right away.

The first of the new robotic vacuum cleaners is the Neato D10. With an impressive run time of up to 150 minutes (or 2.5 hours), this robotic vacuum cleaner can clean a large part of your home before it needs to be recharged to recharge. A true HEPA filter is also used, which is said to trap up to 99.97% of all allergens as small as 0.3 microns. With the fall allergy season approaching, this will help improve the air quality in your home and reduce sneezing and coughing when pumpkin spice arrives. The NeatoD10 uses LaserSmart Lidar (light detection and removal) technology to better navigate the nooks and crannies of your home.

The second model is the Neato D9. An ultra-performance HEPA filter is used that removes 99.5% dust and allergens. It's not quite as powerful as the Neato D10, but it's an impressive machine with a running time of 120 minutes. The lower price makes it attractive to those who want a vacuum for mid-range robots.

The final model is the Neato D8, a cheaper model with the same functions – large dust container, wide brush and the latest LaserSmart technology – but with a running time of 90 minutes. While it may take longer to fully clean your home, it will cost less than the other two.

The Neato D10, D9, and D8 are priced at $ 900, $ 800, and $ 700, respectively. With the advancements in technology, Neato hopes to improve the overall efficiency of its robotic vacuums and to clean your home better and more extensively.

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