Great Britain presents its vacationers new tips

All forms of business travel have been banned since the pandemic broke out in many countries. However, since things are clearing up a lot, many countries are opening their gates. The youngest country are Great Britain and Scotland, which open to tourism after a two-month break in early July. However, the decision contains many rules that must be strictly observed, otherwise high fines can be imposed.

The rules that the government recently announced

  1. 2-week self-isolation
    If you arrive in the UK you will need to isolate yourself for 14 days from the date of arrival. This rule applies to UK residents, citizens and overseas travelers. In addition, the online contact details form must be completed 48 hours before your planned departure to the UK, specifying your immigration details and your self-isolation address.
    You must take a printout and present it to the immigration officer upon arrival. Each passenger, with the exception of children under the age of 18, must submit their own form. Children under the age of 18 should have the form attached to the parent or guardian at the time of submission. Failure to submit the form will result in a fine of approximately £ 100 or INR 9,500.
  2. Self-isolation rules
    People entering the UK must adhere strictly to the rules set by the government. You have to drive to the location yourself, you cannot use public transport and you should not leave the apartment, house or whereabouts for any reason. You can’t even have visitors if you don’t bring the bare essentials. Going outside for no reason can result in a fine of £ 1000 (Rs 95,000). If people need to change accommodation within the 14-day isolation period, you should fill out the online contact form. Otherwise 3200 pounds will be charged in England. 304,000 INR)
  3. If you travel within 2 weeks
    During this time, you must isolate yourself throughout your stay.
  4. Exempt rules
    Here is the list where the rules are excluded
  5. UK citizens and residents who need to travel regularly for work.
  6. Medical professionals.If you are traveling to the UK with pre-planned emergency medical care.
  1. Passengers driving through the airport.
  2. Farm workers or farm workers where you can isolate yourself on the farm.
  3. Truck and freight drivers.
  4. When flying to the UK you must take all safety precautions, e.g. B. Wear face masks, avoid contact and use disinfectants regularly.

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