Now you can name your tinder matches within the app by way of video

In the age of online dating during quarantine, Tinder is now officially entering the face chat game with one-to-one video calls.

The video call feature was announced in May to allow Tinder's efforts to keep users in the app when they wanted to video chat with a potential date. The face-to-face video can now be tried, but is currently only available to members in Virginia, Illinois, Georgia and Colorado.

Tinder's features that FaceTime does include callers who agree to basic rules, the option to enable or disable the feature, a 50/50 split screen, and Tinder's question about how the call went after hanging up both.


Tinder said they interviewed their members and found that half of them had a video call with one of their games within the past month. While video chatting has become an essential activity during quarantine in recent months, Tinder also wants to activate the post-pandemic option so that the games get a feel for each other before meeting in person.

Digital Trends turned to Tinder to find out when the video chat feature would be available to all U.S. members. We will update this story when we hear something.

As with many online services, Tinder has seen a remarkable increase in engagement numbers since quarantine began earlier this year. This is evident from the Match Group's earnings release for the first quarter. The average number of daily news from Tinder rose 27% in April compared to the last week in February. It was also said that daily active users and swiping movements "reached all-time highs".

Though new to Tinder, it's not the first dating app to add video calls. Bumble introduced in-app video and voice calls about a year ago. Facebook has also announced that it will integrate Messenger's video calling feature directly into its dating platform.

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