Observe these steps for a safer highway journey to CoronaVirus Covid-19

Follow these steps for a safer road trip to CoronaVirus Covid-19

Many experts predicted that after the pandemic, people would travel to a nearby location and explore places on a road trip. Since domestic travel is intensified due to corona after the pandemic, one has to be careful instead of being carefree.

Follow these steps to stay healthy and careful on a road trip, and also to explore the place happily, instead of getting sick on your travels.

  • Disinfect your car beforehand to avoid germsThis is one of the most important things to do before you set off, use an alcohol-based disinfectant, and disinfect the most frequently touched items like the steering wheel, gear lever, window buttons, seat belt, and palm rest. Rub each surface thoroughly so that you do not leave any traces and do not rub these objects back and forth either.
  • Carry important itemsWhile driving on the road, you will encounter a lot of people, things, and sudden changes in weather that may make you feel sick. It is therefore better to take important items such as alcohol-based tissues, disinfectants, disinfectants and gloves with you. These items are your primary saviors because if you want to sneeze you can use these disposable handkerchiefs when you hit someone or touch an object outside. You can also use the disinfectant. Make sure you feel that it is not immediately hygienic every time you touch an object. Use disinfectant or alcohol-based tissue to wipe these germs.
  • MasksOne of the most important items that should be on every list is mask. Before you head out, stock up on masks, and it would be more helpful if you could get a handle on the reusable and washable masks. This would help you and your close members run the risk of not catching these germs. Also make sure that you tend to buy more than 1 as you may not know what will happen where on the street as you tend to meet a lot of people.
  • Pack lightSince you tend to go on a domestic trip and we suspect that you are not moving outside the state, you tend to pack lights. Don't pack lots of items. Also, don't miss to pack important items, scarves, mufflers, raincoats, umbrellas, etc., as you may not know how the weather could change. Don't miss taking disinfectants with you, as cleaning the surface is one of the ways to prevent Covid-19. Pack items that are reusable and washable so that you can remain sterile by washing these items every time.
  • Digital paymentsTraveling to one place and spending money go hand in hand. However, since corona virus can spread through contact, digital payments are used instead of cash transactions. This could help both people avoid covid transmission. In India there are many such digital payments like GPay, PhonePay, PayTM etc. And many stores will have a QR code that will make the cashless transaction easier.
  • eat
    Take enough food and cutlery with you so that you can keep away from the germs. If you are unsure about the quality of the restaurant and food on site, it is better to have your own food and cutlery with you. If possible, clean the cutlery with disinfectant before use and don't forget to wash your hands with soap at least 20 seconds beforehand.

Last but not least, follow basic hygiene practices and social distance to stay away from these germs, and find out about the cases and treatment conditions beforehand so that you can travel safer.

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