OnePlus TV U sequence vs. Y sequence

OnePlus recently announced the launch of a new TV series that is budget-friendly and will be available in limited-edition flash sales on Sunday, July 5. These 2 new variants are moderately priced at Rs 12,999. What is the difference between the U series and the Y series?

OnePlus TV U series

The legendary 55-inch U-Series features 4K UHD display quality with an improved 93% DCI-P3 color gamut. This specification offers breathtaking sharpness, clarity and vivid colors. The television has an ultra-thin design with only 6.9 mm and a screen-to-body ratio of 95% without frame.

The gamma engine offers a smoother display and optimization of image quality in real time. The functions of the OnePlus TV U-series include:

  1. Advanced MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) algorithms increase video frame rates to intelligently interpolate content. This reduces motion blur, stuttering and ghosting, so that action-packed films and sports images remain fluid and razor-sharp
  2. Noise reduction reduces noise without washing out the vivid colors. This gives you truer blacks, cleaner whites, and overall higher quality content from digital sources
  3. The function for assigning the color space reduces the color and tone deviations and ensures an accurate representation of the visual content recorded in each color space
  4. Dynamic contrast technology automatically detects the visual input signal and adjusts to achieve optimal contrast, so that the visual elements are displayed with more striking tones and balanced colors
  5. The anti-aliasing function smoothes visual edges and lines, ensures a finer, uniform appearance and guarantees a more natural viewing experience
  6. The high resolution feature effectively processes low resolution images to get high resolution images and seamlessly adds subtle visual details that are often invisible
  7. AI Picture Quality also offers the dynamic gamma curve, which uses face and scene detection technologies to automatically adjust the sharpness and optimize the image quality settings

OnePlus TV is powered by Dolby speakers and has a 30W power rating that lets you hear the throbbing beats and smooth sound in equal measure. With the Dolby Atmos Surround Sound System you can experience a film as if you were sitting in a cinema.

OnePlus TV Y series

The Y-series television has 2 32-inch and 43-inch variants with a 93% DCI-P3 color gamut. It offers a viewing experience similar to that of the U-series and has the gamma engine, which also offers many innovative functions such as noise reduction, color space allocation, dynamic contrast and anti-aliasing, which improve the image quality and emphasize the most vivid color tones for an incomparable viewing experience … The difference between 43-inch and 32-inch colors is that 43-inch devices have an FHD viewing experience and 32-inch devices offer an HD viewing experience.

OnePlus TV comes with Oxygen Play, the first of its kind in a television that you can easily access a lot of content from an OTT platform. Here in OnePlus, you can easily access Amazon Prime, the first of its kind.

In addition, the U and Y series are equipped with a special content calendar function with which you can set reminders or to-do lists and keep to the schedule.

The U-series, which is only available in the 55-inch version, costs Rs 49,999. The 43-inch version of the Y-series costs Rs 22,999. The 32-inch version costs Rs 12,999. INR.

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