Factors of curiosity in Western Australia

Australia, the continent and one of the top travel destinations is one of the places where only a few parts are touristy. The country offers prime tourist destinations and you can explore the land of marsupials, kangaroos, wildlife and beaches. Here are some places in Western Australia that you must visit on your trip to Australia

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island, just 30 minutes by ferry from Perth, is home to the Quokkas, the animals with smiles on their faces. The island is small and can be visited and traveled by bike.

You can explore the well-preserved nature, take a selfie with a quokka and explore the beaches for which Australia is famous.

Explore the Pinnacles DesertThe Pinnacle Desert is just 2 hours from Perth and is known for its quirky landscape. This is a stretch of desert located near Perth and one of the most famous tourist attractions.

The place is known for its needle-shaped battlements that stick out of the ground and where you can navigate and take photos. The desert is also a short day trip from Perth.

Perth StadiumThe cricket stadium is an absolute must-see, known for its award-winning architecture. It has a history of hosting famous games.
Explore the stadium, locker room, stadium park and nearby Swan River. If you are a cricket lover, you will not miss a visit to the famous stadium.

RockinghamRockingham is one of the places where you get close to Dolphins. It is only a 40-minute drive from Perth. During a visit from September to May you can swim next to dolphins and click on pictures. If you have time, you can also visit the nearby penguin island, where 1000 penguins live. Enjoy the day swimming / snorkeling next to the dolphins and take as many photos as possible.

Perth MintOne of the largest and most valuable coins in Australia is the Perth Mint. It is also known as the Australian kangaroo and is worth an astonishing AU $ 50 million. The mint in Perth offers a guided tour, an exhibition and a virtual gold test that can be visited free of charge. Don’t miss the tour and experience Perth Mint, one of the most popular travel destinations in Australia.

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