Principle: Each half we discover out about Christopher Nolan’s new film

Christopher Nolan is one of Hollywood’s hottest filmmakers with a number of critical and commercial hits, including Inception, the Dark Knight Trilogy and Dunkirk 2017. At this point, each project with his name is a big deal, but the upcoming Tenet could be his most important film to date be.

The premiere is currently scheduled for July 31st – two weeks later than the original premiere date of July 17th. Warner Bros. has likely pushed the release of the film as the production company is still unsure whether film and theater participation will return. Nolan’s film was supposed to be the first major film to be released after the coronavirus pandemic that was disrupting business in Hollywood and around the world as usual.

Tenet is said to be playing in the world of international espionage, but elements of science fiction and fantasy have gone through early film previews.

Here you will find everything we know about Tenet so far.

The history

Like most of Nolan’s earlier films, Tenet was puzzled ahead of its premiere.

The film is reportedly following a secret agent on a mission to stop World War III who will need to use a variety of fantastic tools and skills – possibly with time manipulation and other science fiction elements – to save humanity.

However, in an interview with GQ Magazine in May, actor Robert Pattinson stated that his character is “not a time traveler”.

“There is actually no time travel,” he reveals. “That is the only thing I can say.”

The occupation

The cast of Tenet is a mix of emerging stars, well-known faces and veterans from Nolan’s earlier films.

John David Washington, who was nominated for the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards for his leading role in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman, plays one of the leading roles in the film. Washington’s unidentified secret agent character is the focus of the film’s first trailer and much of the early footage, suggesting that he will be the main protagonist of the story.

Washington is accompanied in the film by former Twilight franchise actor Robert Pattinson, who appears to be playing another secret agent. In an interesting convergence of characteristics, Pattinson will also play the main role in the upcoming superhero film The Batman – a character Nolan is familiar with after directing the critically acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy.

The film’s cast includes actress Elizabeth Debicki of The Great Gatsby, kick-ass actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, dark knight trilogy actor Michael Caine, and Henry V actor Kenneth Branagh.

The followers

The first trailer for Tenet (see above) was released on December 19, 2019.

A few months later, a television commercial for the film teased the arrival of a new Tenet trailer that debuted on May 21.

A second trailer for the film premiered on May 21, 2020 in Fortnite (yes, Fortnite).

The release date

Tenet is currently scheduled to hit theaters on July 31. The uncertain status of cinemas in the United States and internationally due to the coronavirus pandemic forced Studio Warner Bros. Pictures to postpone the release of the film from its original release date on July 17.

The first clue that Tenet may not premiere on the first release date was a television commercial for the film, which premiered on May 21. Instead of confirming the release date of the film, the preview showed that the film was simply “coming to the cinemas”.

The corona virus question

With theaters in the U.S. still at an early stage of reopening (and many still don’t have a set date for a safe reopening), one of the biggest questions related to Tenet was whether it would premiere on July 17, as originally planned becomes. As we now know, the release date has actually been postponed by two weeks, probably due to the unrest about the theater reopening as the pandemic is still raging.

Tenet was supposed to be the first major film to hit theaters after the coronavirus pandemic forced them to close worldwide. With its reported $ 205 million production budget and the associated additional costs, Tenet Nolan’s most expensive original film to date has to run long and profitably in cinemas to make a profit for Nolan’s studio and production company.

Warner Bros. Pictures is expected to call on the release date of the film as soon as more information is available on the theater’s availability.

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