Saudi Arabia begins a cruise to the Crimson Sea

Saudi Arabia, one of the Middle Eastern countries that is on everyone's bucket list where there are places like Jeddah, Madina and many others, offers some of the best tourist spots in the whole country. And now Cruise lets you explore the breathtaking land locations that stretch across the Red Sea coast. So what better way to explore places while sitting on a luxury cruise.

Explore the Red Sea coast on the ultra-luxury Red Sea Spirit cruise. The Silver Spirit cruise ship launches its first cruise, leisure and luxury cruise, taking you across the blues of the Red Sea. Here you can enjoy free world-class in-flight service, serving traditional and international dishes. For adventure, you can also go kayaking or snorkeling, or just relax in the spa.

The Siver Spirit offers two tours, the first of which lasts 4 days and 3 nights. It starts at King Abdullah's port in Economic City (KAEC) and arrives at Al Ras Alabyad, an exquisite location in Saudi Arabia, and then sails back to Economic City. The 3N4D itinerary includes world class onboard services, parties, games, live shows, etc. It costs US $ 1912 (INR 1,40,746) per person based on double occupancy.

The second tour offered by the company is 5D 4N, which also starts at King Abdullah Port in the Economic City (KAEC) and reaches Al Ras Alabyad. Later, guests are taken to the private retreat on Sindalah Island and from here they take the journey back to the commercial city. You will enjoy the same experience as on the first cruise and cost 2784US $ (2.04.913 INR) per person with double occupancy.

Residents of Saudi Arabia can book the Silver Spirit cruise, which started the 3N 4D voyage on August 27 and the 4N 5D voyage began on August 30. The cruise will also cross in the months of September and October. Due to the coronavirus situation, the crew is now taking safety precautions and the company is following all rules set by the government.

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