Star Wars: Rogue One writer reveals position in Sq. Enix & # 39; Mission Athia

One of the authors of the 2016 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story film has confirmed its involvement in Square Enix’s mysterious Athia project, which is slated to be released on PlayStation 5 and PC.

The Athia project was unveiled last week during a Sony event "The Future of Gaming" via a trailer that showed a female character in a dangerous country with massive monsters. Square Enix and the subsidiary Luminous Productions, the studio behind Final Fantasy XV, are working on the game, but nothing much has been said about it.

Now one of the people who contributed to the design of the game world was unveiled. Gary Whitta, one of the authors of Rogue One, confirmed his involvement in Project Athia on Twitter.

Really proud to reveal that I led a crack team of A-List writers from the fields of film, television, games and fantasy literature who helped create this immense new universe for @SquareEnix. I can't wait to see and learn more. Stay tuned. #ProjectAthia

– Gary Whitta (@garywhitta), June 11, 2020

Whitta did not disclose any other information, including the other members of the Project Athia writing team. Digital Trends has contacted Square Enix for more information on Whitta's involvement in the development of the game. We will update this article as soon as we learn about it.

Is the Athia project related to Final Fantasy XV?

The mysterious nature of the Athia project, including the fact that it is known only by a working title, has sparked speculation among players. One of the more interesting theories is that the game is connected to Final Fantasy XV due to similar geological structures between them.

There is speculation that Project Athia is a spin-off from Final Fantasy XV and will take place in the country of Lucis. However, if there is indeed a connection between the two games, Project Athia is unlikely to become Final Fantasy XVI, since Square Enix has never released games in the RPG series that are too close in terms of story and setting.

There is also a possibility that Luminous Productions assets from Final Fantasy XV can simply be reused for the Project Athia trailer. Unfortunately, fans have to wait for an official announcement from Square Enix to find out the truth behind the game.

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