Sunshine Pad Thai (vegetarian)

Pad Thai is almost always a crowd puller. It is the kind of food that is good, even if it is bad. I mean, everyone loves a pasta-based pan. All gluten-free people can come on board too, because rice noodles. Today’s Pad Thai recipe is the reef I’ve been doing lately – it combines a Thai heart with a California spirit. Hot water is traditionally used to soften the rice noodles. I add a lot of turmeric to the water and the noodles drink it until they glow a warm yellow. Also, this is usually a stew for us, and I can’t help but add a significant green component. Enter Broccolini.

The Pad Thai setup

As with any other pan, you want to prepare all the ingredients and let your pasta soak before lighting the burner. As soon as you start cooking, things go down quickly. For this recipe, you first need to cook the broccolini, remove it from the pan, and then continue with the recipe. A pan meal.

Sunshine Pad Thai (vegetarian)

The other placeholder here refers to the bean sprouts. Sometimes none of the shops within walking distance of my house have them or they look sad. I replace celery cubes that I really love – lots of crunch and taste! I hope you like it!

Sunshine Pad Thai (vegetarian)


Some of you left changes and variations in the comments that I wanted to highlight. Shanti remarked, “I used normal broccoli and also put in peppers and carrots that I had lying around for extra crunch.” Similarly, Christine says: “We used regular broccoli instead of broccolini – next time I’ll use more. I also used both celery and sprouts to increase the vegetable content.” Jen is a cook by my own heart (with what she had on hand) and said, “I did what I had – broccoli, cashews for peanuts, no spring onions or bean sprouts / celery – and brown rice noodles. Still delicious! ”

Sunshine Pad Thai (vegetarian)

For you turmeric lovers you can also search these turmeric recipes. This Pad Thai recipe is one of my favorite ways to incorporate the super spice, but you will also find many other ideas. Enjoy!

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