Tencent Video games Pronounces Don & # 39; t Starve: Newhome Optimized for Cell Gadgets

The gaming company Tencent has just announced Don’t Starve: Newhome, the next free mobile entry in the productive Don & # 39; t Starve franchise.

Don & # 39; t Starve: Newhome was developed by Shengqu Games and published by Tencent Games. It will broaden the foundation of previous Don & # 39; t Starve iterations. The new version will also improve the mechanics of the survival game and the multiplayer component of Don & # 39; t Starve.

Newhome is entering a closed beta phase next month for players to sign up on its website. However, Tencent has not given a release date for the new game, so it is unclear when a full version will be released.

The next episode of the franchise aims to maintain the cartoon art style while adding a new campaign mode and game mechanics for mobile devices, including new co-op multiplayer gameplay and a revised progress system. Don't starve: Newhome wants to improve the popular formula, as is the case with most sequels to the games. The game does not try to mess things up, but refines the series formula in a mobile format for a free audience.

Previously, Don & # 39; t Starve was first released on PC in 2013, with a PS4 version that came out in 2014 and an Xbox One version in 2015. Don & # 39; t Starve was later released in 2015 on iOS and 2016 on Android devices released. Since the original game, Tencent says the series has sold over 20 million copies in 2013.

The craft remains a big part of Newhome. However, the game will include a wider range of crafting options and will allow players to build houses, with the Don & # 39; t Starve base building being expanded from 2013. Newhome also adds new enemy types, although Tencent has not mentioned any specific additions in this regard.

Newhome presents a likely mobile hit for Tencent and Shengqu. Don & # 39; t Starve is often regarded as one of the best survival games with remarkable replay value and DLC, including Don & # 39; t Starve: Giants' rule, Do not starve together, Do not starve: Shipwreck and Mega Pack do not starve. The series has sold over 20 million copies, so its popularity precedes it. Don't starve: Newhome wants to continue the series' profound success.

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