Thailand requires vacationers to remain for 30 days from October to revive tourism

The tourism industry has suffered greatly due to the coronavirus pandemic. As tourism is badly hit, countries are breaking new ground to welcome tourists and revitalize the country's tourism. And according to the latest reports, Thailand has announced that the foreign tourists will have to stay in the island country for at least 30 days from October.

The new binding regulation was recently announced by the government official, according to which the government wants to strengthen the tourism sector, which is the country's main source of income. Thailand's Tourism Authority Governor Yuthasak Supasorn said that tourists visiting the country should stay at least 30 days, including a 14-day quarantine period. After the quarantine period has expired, tourists can explore other areas of Thailand.

The new decision was made when the government lifted plans for travel bubbles with other Asian nations as coronavirus cases began to increase in those countries.

The Minister of Tourism and Sports, Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, said that this new rule will be introduced from October 1 and that the tourist will undergo two coronavirus tests during the quarantine period and, if turned negative, will be free to roam the island of Phuket . And after the visitor has done an additional test and stays in the province for a week and later, he can roam Thailand.

Currently, Thailand has managed to control the cases of coronavirus. There have been no cases of coronavirus in the country recently.

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