The brand new EV perform from Apple Maps goals to eradicate vary anxiousness

Range anxiety is still one thing for some electric vehicle owners, and Apple wants to help.

Apple Maps, launched as part of iOS 14 in the fall, offers iPhone owners a new EV routing feature that makes it easy to plan stops to charge your car's battery.

The software keeps track of your current vehicle fee and even takes altitude information into account to determine the best time and place to stop. The upcoming feature will also know what type of charger is suitable for your car, so you can be directed to a compatible station.

In order for the functions to reach their full potential, Apple has to work with car manufacturers. BMW and Ford are already working with the technology giant to achieve this. Others are expected to register soon.

For all drivers, Apple has announced that it will add symbols to maps showing speed cameras and red light cameras to warn drivers when they are approaching – a feature that has been available in Google Maps for some time.

Another boost for Apple's once lambasted Maps app are instructions that are tailored to cyclists (yes, Google Maps has dealt with this for a long time). This feature is available at the start for selected cities like New York and San Francisco, and allows you to simply tap your destination to find the best route using bike paths, trails, and roads. Heights, busy streets, stairs and steep passages are also highlighted so you can better plan your trip.

Finally, there is also a new guide recommendation for Maps, which should show great ideas for places that you should visit when you arrive at a new place.

Apple announced the announcements at its annual WWDC event, which started on Monday, June 22. The coronavirus pandemic means the developer conference will take place online for the first time in its history.

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