The dazzling drone show targets the corona virus in South Korea

The South Korean government recently showed a dazzling drone exhibition to thank people for their efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic while reminding them not to let up.

The nation received worldwide praise early in the pandemic for acting quickly and robustly to slow its spread. In a nation of just over 50 million people, only 284 deaths have been attributed to the virus so far.

As a token of appreciation, the government recently organized a drone light show in the capital, Seoul.

Three hundred of the flying machines, each adorned with LED lights, marked a trail in the night sky to create glittering patterns and messages animated by drones, asking people to distance themselves socially or wear masks and maintain hand washing habits to slow the spread of the virus.

The 10-minute event also included thank-you messages for frontline healthcare workers who worked tirelessly to treat the more than 13,000 COVID-19 cases reported to date in the country.

According to France24, the government declined to publish the drone show to prevent large crowds from gathering that could have led to a breakdown in social distancing behavior. While many people in the city enjoyed the show, many others shared it on social media and streaming services like YouTube to ensure that the embassy reached as many people as possible among South Korea's well-connected population.

In June, the government called for facial protection to be worn on all buses and subways, as well as taxis, as part of measures to combat the spread of the virus. They must also be carried on all domestic and international flights departing or arriving in the country.

At its peak in March 2020, South Korea reported around 500 new cases a day, including aggressive follow-up and testing to help manage the outbreak.

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