The Gujarat statue of unity turns into a marriage vacation spot through the pandemic

The Statue of Unity, one of the tallest statues in the world commemorating Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, will be the new wedding destination for people stuck due to locks.

Since mid-June, Zeltstadt 1 in the statue of the unit has been a place for weddings to close the bond for life. The price is Rs 2.25 lakh and can accommodate up to 50 people. According to government rules, you can get married to enter a new phase of life.

"Weddings are a purely private initiative," said a Gujarat Tourism official.

The 2.25 lakh wedding costs a bargain for people who want to get married as it offers many additional activities. The one-night offer includes a welcome drink and all vegetarian meals from lunch to breakfast the next morning, starters and mocktails at the wedding ceremony, the wedding jaimala, the wedding cake, the chori for the wedding ceremony with seating for 50 people. and a royal house for the newlyweds and 17 rooms with triple occupancy. Plus e-invitations, a henna artist and soft music on your wedding day. It used to cost Rs 7000 per person.

The wedding is held using all of the government's established security and disinfection methods, which include contactless check-in, heat testing, and social distancing. Each participant receives a mask and hand disinfectant.

The food can be ordered using a QR code and the buffet system is not available. The wedding ceremony can be held indoors with a 4000 m² banquet room. You can also explore additional areas such as the grounds near the Statue of Unity with free bikes.

The wedding package on the statue of the unit usually includes sightseeing such as boating, ecotourism, and visiting the tallest statue in the world. As one of the most popular travel destinations, the Statue of Unity was closed when the closure was announced. With the start of the unlock phase, however, it opens slowly as soon as the restrictions diminish.

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