The longest bus journey on the earth begins in 2021

For travelers, an epic journey full of memories is what to expect. Previously, we heard about the longest existing bus ride, taking passengers from Calcutta, India, to London, UK, which was started by Albert Tours in the 1960s. However, recently there was news that there will be bus connections from Delhi to London from May 2021.

Tourism company Adventure Overland has announced that there will be an epic bus ride in 2021. As part of the tour from Delhi to London, passengers will cover around 20,000 km in 70 days. The whole trip will have a comfortable, cozy and well-equipped coach and the 20,000 km will cover 18 countries in 70 days. Countries that passengers can visit include Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. The trip announced that the trip will be broken down into 4 main destinations

  • The first leg of the trip will cover India, Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand. In this stage you can visit ancient pagodas, picturesque lakes and mountains, fantastic food and culture from these countries. Discover Buddhist culture here and make your way to the second leg of the trip.
  • The second leg of the trip is via Laos and mainland China, where you will spend the night in the ancient city of Luang Namtha, and then to China, where you will see the Great Wall of China, Leshan Buddha, the Silk Road, the Gobi Desert, etc.
  • The third leg of the trip goes to Central Asia, where you can visit Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia and experience untouched mountains, landscapes, desert regions etc.
  • And finally, the fourth leg of the trip will cover many European countries such as Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France, where you can experience the famous places of all these countries before reaching the destination of the country United Kingdom. As soon as the plan is announced, bookings have already started on the Adventure Overland official website. However, due to coronavirus restrictions, only 20 people are allowed to board the bus. According to the policy, preference is given to those passengers who pay the amount in full.

Some of the characteristics of the trip include

  • The bus will be comfortable and is a bespoke luxury bus.
  • The trip costs 15 lakh rupees per person.
  • The total duration is 70 days if Leg 1 (11N / 12D), Leg 2 (15N / 16D), Leg 3 (21N / 22D), Leg 4 (15N / 16D)
  • The trip includes a hotel stay in a double room, visas and a standard tourist visa fee, border crossing assistance, an experienced English speaking guide, etc. and excludes international / domestic airline tickets, urgent tourist visas, meals and drinks not listed in the included services. medical expenses while traveling, etc.
  • Vegetarian food is subject to availability.

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