The mysterious know-how that hovers within the sky amazes the Japanese public

People in northeastern Japan were taken aback on Wednesday after discovering a mysterious object floating in the sky.

At first glance, the white object that hung in the air at a height of about 2,000 meters appeared to be a kind of hot air balloon, although below it hung a machine that seemed to contain several sets of propellers.

Sendai Astronomical Observatory

TV stations broadcast footage of the unidentified property and the sighting quickly became a hot topic on Twitter. Some wondered if they were witnessing a visit from space.

While reality may be a little less exciting, no one has yet been able to confirm the true nature of the object.

Weather officials in Sendai, about 180 miles north of Tokyo, told Reuters that the object was first discovered in the early morning and remained fairly quiet for most of the day. It was eventually lost in clouds that later moved in.

"It may be some kind of weather monitor, but it definitely is not ours," said a nameless weather official.

A balloon-like object in the sky over northern Japan triggers a debate on social media

– Reuters (@Reuters), June 17, 2020

To solve the mystery, the local police sent a helicopter to take a closer look. Despite the point of view, the origin of the object and its purpose could still not be determined.

Officials at Sendai Airport added that they also had no idea what it was, and confirmed that they had received no notification or request from anyone wishing to fly such a device in local airspace, which is required by law.

At the present time, the object, which has probably long since disappeared, has not yet been identified.

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