The Residence Workplace permits entry to India for sure classes of holiday makers

The Home Office allows entry to India for certain categories of visitors

The Indian Ministry of the Interior of the Union recently announced that it would lift the entry restrictions for cardholders for Indian foreign citizens (OCI). However, these restrictions are subject to certain conditions and include certain OCI card holders, including minors, students, spouses of Indian National OCI card holders, and people who need to travel within India under emergency conditions.

This rule was announced after all international flights were suspended in an emergency and the suspension was announced on March 24, 2020. During this time, even OCI cardholders were not allowed to come to India, even after the state government evacuated stranded Indians in various countries.

Many Indians who lost their jobs and were stranded overseas asked the Union Department to help them get evacuated from the United States through special evacuation flights. With the recent announcement by the Union Department, OCI cardholders have been relieved, and the Indians-Americans have welcomed this decision. Holders of an OCI card are allowed to enter India without a visa and enjoy almost all privileges apart from voting, buying agricultural land and serving the government.

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