The right way to Make a Massive Vegetarian Sack Bowl

Let's talk about how to make a great vegetarian sack tray. Poke is a popular traditional raw fish recipe that has long been popular in Hawaii. The fishermen seasoned parts of their catch and ate it while they worked. Poke (pronounced poh-kay) has grown in popularity well beyond Hawaii in recent years. The version I'm releasing today is for any of you who love the idea of ​​poke or poke bowls but don't eat fish for some reason. Vegetarian sack bowls are especially fantastic this time of year because they're light, clean, filling, but not heavy, you know?

Vegetarian Poke Bowl: The Components

I usually use a watermelon sack, a version of this sushi rice (but any favorite sushi rice / mix will do), and a variety of other lively toppings. Here you can see firm organic tofu, sliced ​​avocado, blanched asparagus, shaved watermelon radish and micro-sprouts. If you have guacamole on hand, use a dollop of it! The bowl is simply drizzled with good soy sauce. And there's a pinch of sesame seeds and spring onions. The other topping that I really crave for that isn't pictured here is showering with crispy, fried shallots.

How to Make a Big Vegetarian Sack Bowl

Seasonal variations

When it comes to toppings, what you see here is just a starting point. And I encourage you to play around with all of the components. For example, later in the year you could trade roasted pumpkin cubes for the watermelon. Or maybe another type of melon. And you could make roasted onions instead of spring onions. Or play around with the drizzle. For a quick poke bowl, I just make a soy sauce drizzle, but you could whip up something more complex. Have fun with it!

How to Make a Big Vegetarian Sack Bowl

While it can be argued that a vegetarian poke bowl isn't a real poke bowl, it's still a great meal. Keep your eyes open for other inspiration. I love to see the creative vegetarian versions on menus at poke spots everywhere. Lots of ideas to replicate in your own kitchen!

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