Turkey will welcome vacationers from July 2020

I visited Turkey as part of a FAM trip and found it very amazing to visit some of the unusual places in Turkey. And I had planned to visit the same again from the beginning of 2020. But Coronavirus was playing spoilage for my plans, and I looked at a few articles and came across the article that Turkey is supposed to welcome tourists from July.

Turkey, with a Safe Tourism Certificate program, plans to welcome tourists from July. This plan covers all aspects of a trip, including the airport, transfer, and hotel. From July 1st, airlines, tour operators and other marketplaces will sell health certificates. As a gesture for health workers, Turkey's flagship airline offers travelers from around the world a 40% discount.

With the program, Turkey ensures that all airlines, touring and transfer vehicles, restaurants and accommodation are subject to strict health, safety and hygiene practices. The 132 criteria must be met by hotels and restaurants, and a separate properties section should be kept for all patients who test positive for SARS-COV-2.

These facilities can also request verification of an authorized international accreditation, which is displayed on the Turkey Tourism official website. It also includes the list of accommodations, tour operators, tour vehicles, etc. that would help tourists to visit the beautiful place in Turkey.

Every tourist is checked at the main airports in Turkey. "Your body temperatures are measured. If there is a suspicion, tourists are taken to a PCR test, ”said the ministry

Health insurance is available everywhere. Tourists can purchase insurance through airlines, hotels, operators and points of sale that have been set up at airports. The insurance packages start at Rs 1,300 to Rs 2000.

As a token of appreciation for health professionals from around the world, the Turkish flagship airline, Turkey Airlines offers a 40% discount on all tickets they buy through their website and app. However, tickets should be purchased between June 6th and August 1st. The trip is valid from June 6, 2020 to May 31, 2021.

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