Twitter is bringing the evaluation again, this time with clearer tips

Twitter users could finally have an answer to a delicate question: "How many followers do you need to be verified?"

The answer before was "who knows?" According to Jane Wong and TechCrunch, the secret social media finder, Twitter will now have a new request review option that specifies exactly what is required for the review.

Twitter is working on "Request Verification" ????

(I am not a Twitter employee. I am not a technical support.)

– Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane), June 7, 2020

When Twitter was contacted by Digital Trends, it declined to go beyond the comments reported by Wong. It was also refused to indicate when this new system should be introduced or which guidelines should apply.

Up until about three years ago, users could request a review, but the standards by which Twitter judged who deserved the coveted blue check mark and who didn't were fairly opaque and seemed arbitrary.

TechCrunch reported that after a Kerfuffle in 2017, Twitter removed the Requirements Verification tab in response to neo-Nazi Jason Kessler's review, saying it would rethink its system.

Twitter confirmed to TechCrunch that Wong's results were correct, but didn't want to go into how or when the new guidelines would come out.

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