Watch spot and pepper robots come collectively to cheer their baseball group

Robots cannot catch coronavirus, so a baseball team in Japan used some of them to breathe life into its empty stadiums during the in-game entertainment games so fans can watch at home.

Since the team is the SoftBank Hawks from Fukuoka, it is not surprising that the robot dance group consists of SoftBanks Pepper robots and spot four-legged friends (complete with baseball caps) from Boston Dynamics, the robot-oriented company that SoftBank acquired in 2017 .

It is really very special to see how the machines strut their things in a carefully coordinated routine. We are sure that you will agree to this. Further dance performances are planned for the upcoming games in the stadium. It remains to be seen whether these robot routines will become part of the new normal in Japanese baseball games.

After years of development, the Boston Dynamics spot robot was recently sold for $ 74,500. On its website, the Massachusetts-based company says Spot is well advanced to help in a number of roles across different industries.

The dog-like robot can move at a speed of 5 km / h and work for up to 90 minutes on a single charge. It has a programmable API for improved versatility, a 360-degree camera to avoid obstacles and for location assignment, and two ports for user data to perform certain tasks. There are currently seven payloads available, ranging from $ 1,275 to $ 34,570.

The remarkable robot can work autonomously or be remotely controlled and reach places that may not be accessible to humans (think of radiation, smoke, challenging terrain).

Pepper, on the other hand, is less versatile than Spot, but nevertheless intelligent enough to provide information for customers in customer-oriented roles and at the same time offer a certain entertainment value. In recent years, Pepper has performed simple tasks in department stores, airports, and hospitals, while SoftBank opened a café in Tokyo last year that was almost entirely staffed by Pepper robots. The team behind it continues to develop Pepper hardware and software to improve versatility and overall capabilities. Including the quality of his dance moves.

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