Weekend journeys from Mumbai

Weekend trips from Mumbai

The financial capital of India is known worldwide for people in Mumbai, where it is said that the city never sleeps, people who walk to reach its subway, subway, Dalal Street, Taj Hotel, Bollywood, etc. However, if you are constantly on the go, sometimes remember to take a break so you can have some fun during your road trip.

Here are some places where you can take a trip from Mumbai to let go of the stress it offers.

  1. Lonavala
    Lonavala is known for its nature, beauty and amazing streets and one of the most popular travel destinations for many Mumbai people. The road trip can be made via the Mumbai-Pune Expressway (all vehicles except 2 wheels) and the Old Mumbai-Pune Expressway (2 wheels allowed) to Lonavala. Lonavala is known for its green surroundings, forts, camps, trekking, hiking and fantastic weather. It is only 85 km from Mumbai.
  2. Kashid
    The place Kashid is an unusual place where you can wonderfully explore and settle down. It is known for its white sandy beach, picturesque viewpoints and a fantastic place to relax. Extend your visit to another 34 km and land at another place called Marud. These two locations can be done in one day. However, we recommend that you stay a day or two. Kashid is located about 122 km from Mumbai.
  3. MahabaleshwarOne of the classic road rides that can be undertaken, and also one of the longest uphill rides you’ll experience, is the bike tour from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar. The location is approx. 248 km and the last stage of the trip leads over some serious climbs. Explore the viewpoints, drive through lush hills, and explore the region when you visit Mahabaleshwar. We recommend a 2-3 day stay when visiting Mahabaleshwar.
  4. DandeliDandeli lies around 583 km across the border from Maharashtra to Karnataka and is known for its nature and its elephant reserve. It is also known for adventure sports activities that can be experienced when you come to Dandeli. Experience white water rafting, tiger and elephant reserve, camp and trekking here when you visit Dandeli and relax in the midst of nature. Dandeli is about 590 km from Mumbai.
  5. Tarkarli
    One of the unusual, quiet, and environmentally friendly places is Tarkarli, which is about 490 km from Mumbai and is known as the only place where you can do diving and snorkeling training in Maharashtra. You can experience stargazing, diving, snorkeling and boating here and not miss the stargazing experience as the atmosphere here is not as polluted as the city atmosphere.

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